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Meet StrongHER's Lead Volunteer, Zoe Habershaw

Zoe is 20 years old from North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  She currently attends school at Stonehill College studying Health Sciences with a concentration in nutrition. At Stonehill, Zoe is an active member of the Healthcare Society, Habitat for Humanity and Ben’s Bells.

In her free time she enjoys dancing, working out and practicing yoga. Zoe has recently been certified as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner allowing her to spread awareness in energy chakra healing.

Zoe is a former pageant queen, holding the titles of Miss Teen Rhode Island North America 2017 and Miss Teen North America 2017. Through pursuit of these titles, Zoe has gained invaluable experience with respect to public speaking and community outreach.

Zoe certainly likes to keep herself busy. On top of school, pageants and yoga, Zoe volunteers for StrongHER and plays a key role in our workshops!

Lets see what Zoe has to say about her time with StrongHER!

Why did you decide to volunteer for StrongHER?

I decided to volunteer with StrongHer because the organization’s message and mission are very close to my heart. I am extremely passionate about women empowerment and wanted to use my experiences to help others grow and eventually be able to spread the positivity. 

What is your favorite part of being a lead volunteer?

My favorite part about being a volunteer is being able to make an impact on these girl’s lives and to know that they are learning something that will have a great impact on their future. 

What have you learned about yourself while volunteering?

Through being a volunteer, I've gained more confidence in public speaking and opening up to people. I’ve also learned the power of mindfulness and meditation! 

What has been your favorite memory volunteering so far?

My favorite memory so far has been the positive mindset workshop. It was so fun seeing the girls step outside of their comfort zones while also stepping outside of mine... all the while, I got to teach them fun power poses!

Zoe is currently leading our StrongHER skill series workshop at the Boys and Girls Club in Chelsea, MA. She meets with 10 girls from the club once a month working on skills to build confidence and inner strength. We're so lucky to have Zoe as a part of our team. She is an amazing role model and is truly making an impact!

Thank you Zoe for taking the time to chat with us!

If you're interested in volunteering for our programs head over to our website to learn more and apply!



Helping each girl find her inner strength.

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