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Lets Talk About Stress, BABY!

Our followers asked, we’re delivering: Let’s talk about #STRESS.

This is something we all experience, and at times it can feel overwhelming. So, it’s important to understand what stress is, acknowledge what is causing it, and rather than trying to find ways to avoid it, we should be focused on finding ways to use stress to our advantage. AKA: How you view stress can determine how it affects you!

First thing’s first: what is stress? It’s a normal reaction to change that requires an adjustment or response. Our body reacts to these changes physically mentally and emotionally.

These feelings and responses associated with stress are usually characterized as unpleasant or unwelcoming, but the truth is that we can better overcome stress if we can learn to view it as a helpful tool and motivator.

What are some of the ways that stress can benefit us?

  • Stress can be used as a motivator for reaching goals and accomplishing tasks

  • Stress can help us build RESILIENCY

  • Challenge often provides us with the opportunity to learn and grow.

Training ourselves to change our natural (and often negative) response to stress is something that definitely takes some practice, but it is possible.

  1. First, acknowledge that you are feeling stressed

  2. Try to understand WHY you are feeling stressed; this puts you in control and in a position to work with it rather than against it

  3. Replace any negative thoughts that typically pop up at the first sign of stress with more positive ones. For example, think "I’m feeling stressed, but I can overcome this.”

  4. Then, think of how you could best use it to solve a problem or reach a goal. For example, try breaking down the larger goal or task at hand into a few smaller ones - then, the situation doesn’t seem so bad.

The reality is - stress is inevitable, it is a part of everyday life. So, by  doing your best to make stress your ally, you can learn to use it to your advantage and may even learn something new in the process.

With Love,


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